jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Homework 4 - Adaptative Huffman

For this week, as was the task at adaptive Huffman algorithm.

In this task, use the code that I had already used in the previous post.

The functionality is explained in the previous post, and this time add the piece of code to be something dynamic and not is adaptative.


The program compresses the text, in this occasion not enter text in the terminal, as it had done earlier in the program, the text is generated within the program, and it gives us the compressed data results.

Now the code:


Now the results:


Test 1:

Test 2:

Analysis of Results:

Testing time:

Test 1:

Test 2:

One problem with the program is that, when calculating the time, really does not take long to process the program, perhaps would be the size of characters produced, maybe that's the point at which this happens.



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  1. En el reporte sería importante expresar qué y cómo se adapte y qué efectos tiene esto. En el código es preocupante que se genere toda la entrada al inicio y no poco a poco. 2+2.